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Last Update: Mar 27th, 2024


  • Complete re-write and port to FreeBSD 14
  • Rollback to 2005 Pricing
  • Hard or soft bandwidth limits
  • Full 10gb/s (Fiber and Copper Bypass Available)
  • Full Function PHP Gui
  • Efficient Utilization of modern high density multicore CPUs
  • PHP/JS Gui Smoothly Handles Large Rule sets
  • User Defined Paths circumvent OS bottlenecks to optimise Performance
  • Support for All Silicom Bypass Cards
  • Multiple Addresses Per Rule
  • ipv6 Support
  • Multiple Data Paths per Appliance
  • Integrated File Manager / Editor
  • Integrated Terminal App


V8 integrates a fully functional terminal, allowing you to enter CLI commands dreictly in the Web GUI.

Bwmgr V8 Terminal

Location DB

ET/BWMGR v8 includes an up to date location DB with over 5700 VPN Providers

BWMGR Location DB

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