Bandwidth Management Solutions

Emerging Technologies is a technology development company specializing in high-end bandwidth management. Through ultra-efficient integration of custom software, carefully selected and tuned off-the-shelf hardware and quality public operating systems, we bring high-end functionality to an affordable level.

Faster Machines, More Capability

Emerging Technologies' multiprocessor technology outperforms most of the best technology available at any price. With 1000s of customers worldwide, our products are deployed largely in rigorous, unforgiving ISP environments, and have proven over time to be top notch performers. Our latest offerings take full advantage of modern CPUs by leveraging carefully selected hardware and an optimized version of the FreeBSD Operating System.

Scalability is the biggest challenge in bandwidth management, and we've addressed that with a highly efficient multiprocessor solution that leverages the latest computing technology. FreeBSD 9.x gets more out of multicore systems, and with our tuned network drivers and bridge, we've optimized the performance even more.

And with our v5.0 Licensing, you can buy as much CPU power as you need for advanced features like wire-speed monitoring and future capacity upgrades, while only paying for the license you need today.

Net Neutral Solutions for ISPs and Universities

While "other" vendors promote micro-managing protocols on your network, our solutions promote net neutrality with a more efficient and less labor-intensive solution. With the FCC cracking down on specific protocol controls, our solution gives you the control you need without the hassles.

Both Software and Hardware Solutions

You can either buy our well-tested, optimized hardware solutions, or you can run our appliance image on your own hardware.

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See the full ET/BWMGR Feature List, or read the ET/BWMGR Frequently Asked Questions.

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