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Last Update: Jan 24th, 2019

ET/BWMGR Release Notes

ET/BWMGR Bandwidth Management Appliance


v8.0 Not Released

- Port to FreeBSD 14.0
- upgrade mySQL to 8+
- Complete redesigned to utilize large-scale multicore systems
- Support virtually all of the latest hardware
- Added a Web terminal to 14+ version
- Updated the ipLocation Database
- Add ipV6 support
- CIDR Address inputs
- Massive code cleanup
- Major Performance Improvement
- Software appliances can now order onboard NICs
- Simplified Burst Control
- Implemented Streamlined Paths
- streamlined and improved packet priority
- name or url rules removed (HTTPS makes them useless)
- Customer Portal Separated (can be run on separate server)
- MAC indexing removed
- GUI now updates rules without page refresh
- Rule Names can now be changed
- Sections and Groups are now Containers and not rules (no indexes)
- Sections can be moved, renamed, expanded, removed and renumbered without restriction
- Sections are now automatically maintained when adding or movig rules or expanding the section
- Sections and groups shown at the top of the ruleset before rules
- There is now a single ruleset for the system
- Automgr Country and IP Tagging now works properly.
- utilities update required for 7.0 installation
- many GUI fixes and updates
- time profiles now has a 24 hour clock option
- remove support for Adlink Bypass cards
- update detailed system info

v6.23  - Abandoned

- New Window Shaping Algorithm reduces network congestion
- Fixed a bug that could keep a rule from reaching it's limits
- sync'd GUI with v7. Many fixes and improvements
- bridging now uses native commands (you will need to rupdate rc.bridge)
- mysql upgrade (80% faster)

Current Versions:

CLI: 6.22
Driver: 6.22

v6.22 patches 11/6/2021

- fixed bug with -LR Fiber bypass cards (backported to 6.22)
- IP Maps filtering improved for tags and dns
- bwmgrd now checks monitor and automgr status
- syntax for getipcache command has changed

v6.22 Nov 4, 2021

- added a new pseudo ip protocol: icmp-echo
- reset counters now works properly for firewall rules
- problem with rule search feature fixed
- Move Rule now works properly
- Fixed IP Location Edit function
- Cleaned up Enable/Disable of Interfaces and coordinated with Rule Ifac Buttons
- SET commands (Max Buffers, Streams) now trigger auto rebuild
- Time profiles form now displays properly
- Rule Time Manager fixed
- Max Buffers and Max Streams can now be set from the gui properly
- Customer portal usage buttons now work properly
- Customer portal logoff now works correctly

v6.21 Sept 26, 2021

- updated emx driver to support newer Intel onboard NICs
- Began work on ipV6
- Reworked Tags/Protocols/IP Maps. Maps can now have multiple tags
- Added Quick Search to Mappings and IP Maps
- Mappings are now more intuitive
- Began simplification of Automgr with emphasis on tagging
- Cleaned up Automgr Gui interface
- moved bwmgr utilities to /usr/local/bin
- renamed monitor binary to bwmgrMonitor
- replace ifac dropdowns with active interface option buttons
- fixed decoding problem where ports weren't passed to monitor
- autoMgr location events now working properly
- API: rules can now be added to a section without knowing the interface

v6.2 July 26, 2021

- Major monitor upgrade
- Reworked Monitor memory scheme to make it compatible with v7 and FreeBSD 13
- Made some changes to alleviate crashing under load problems
- Fixed Monitor Events GUI display
- Added Location Event
- Added Granularity setting to capture active streams
- Added config options for Display control
- Added Idle and First Seen to Hosts Monitor Display
- Hosts monitor display can now be sorted by Tx, Rx and Idle
- Added packets/second element for detecting DOS attacks
- Fixed problem with bypass tab oversampling
- bwmgrStartup now properly applies profiles
- no_shaping flag now working in the GUI

v6.14 5/7/21

- Updated forms handler
- Fixed Alerts
- Alerts can now be selectively deleted in the View window
- added ip-register to bwmgrLicense utility
- monitor settings now works properly
- fixed some problems with modals
- upgrade php to 7.3.26

v6.12 3/29/21

- FORCE_SSL now works properly
- fixed bwmgr start command
- modals not properly look for forms in the forms directory
- bug with bwmgrUpgrader that create bad permissions was fixed
- fixed some problems with upgrader creating directories
- fixed js error that kept fast rule filtering from working properly

CLI: 6.11
Driver: 6.11

v6.11 3/11/21

- In and Out boxes now checked by default for new rules
- fixed counter reset on firewall rules
- Cosmetic Changes to inline table buttons
- Fixed Comment Pop-up Date Format
- agents can now have both a tag and a protocol
- Fixes to the Customer Portal, which now shows the usage graph correctly with no quota (package ET64_CUSTOMERS)
- Cookies now have longer duration
- User Roles now working properly
- New bwmgrLicense CLI tool
- Self-contained bwmgrUpgrader CLI tool
- diskutil now supports memory disks
- new single file configuration
- SSHD can now enable and disable root in the services tab

 v6.10p1 7/2/20

- Cosmetic changes to edit rule form
- passthru and discard priorities now shown properly when editing a rule
- time profiles overhaul
- bw_timemanager re-write with new commands
- fixed an issue with string to numeric conversions with bandwidth limits

 v6.10 6/25/20

- Fixed some CSS issues
- New Comment icon for dark theme
- Hovering over Comment Icon fix
- Less contention with multiple users on the Gui
- Pagination now works properly for Filtered results
- Problem when large number of filtered items returned fixed
- Groups now show usage dynamically
- Sorting Rules now holds when switching tabs

 v6.09 6/7/20

- Added EFI Build to Diskutil
- Graph pulldown is now populated with real-time rules
- Groups now display graph icon properly
- Groups now display hits and drop for the group
- Removed trace code that could cause the monitor to hang the system under load
- Version in header is now an option and can be displayed with alternate branding.

 v6.08p3 June 4, 2020

- Upgrade PHP to 7.3.18
- Added Total Usage to Rules Display
- Added ability to continuously sort by usage, hits or drops
- Added some extra security
- Sorting and Filtering speed improvements
- Pagination of Filtered and Sorted results now works properly
- Fixed viewing of nested groups
- Some fixes to the Dark Theme
- Repaired bw_timemanager
- Moved display fields from bandwidth-config and firewall-config to bwfields.php
- Fixed a problem that caused buttons to become disabled
- Fixed a problem with bmgrStartup that could cause rules to not be added
- Profiles and Rules are now sorted in select dropdowns
- sniffing and urlparams can now be set from the cli
- fixed a problem with groups and profiles being saved improperly

 v6.07 May 22, 2020

- Alerts now working properly
- Added a Filter to Alert Modal View
- Alerts now show the last 24 hours on the main screen
- Hourly Usage Button fixed
- Monitor using new internal date format
- Event buffer overrun in Monitor fixed
- Profiles are now properly applied at startup
- Detailed Info now shows temperature and fan info properly on appliances
- Streams and Buffers are now updated from the Settings Screen
- Removed multiple DNS threads in monitor
- Fixed race condition that could send system to 100% usage
- Interface limits can now be cleared properly
- 10x speed improvement in displaying rules and customers
- Monitor efficiency Substantially Improved
- Monitor multi-term Filtering Implemented
- Fixed Memory leak in Monitor Library
- Monitor Sort by In, Out or Combined
- burst settings now displayed and accepted properly
- String Values (ie 20Mb) now accepted for bandwidth settings
- upgrade DNS libraries
- Optional Dark Theme
- Now using unmodified stock phpsysinfo for Detailed info. 
- Customer portal (customerIndex.php) now works properly
- Quotas can now be added properly
- PPS / BPS graph switch now works properly
- Numbers now display with correct format in customer detail
- Settings Bars now snap to allowed values
- Fixed a problem where upgrading trashed some config variables
- Fixed rrd2bwdata migration utility
- New Look for TabSet tabs
- Replaced LED images with pure CSS.

April 14, 2020 v6.02

- Lots of bug fixes. 
- Select All Now works properly
- stats/graphs now work properly
March 28, 2020 v6.01

NOTE: MAKE SURE you read the Upgrade to v6 Document! And make
sure you make a full backup.

- Webmin upgraded to 1.94
- Full support for System Health on Supermicro Appliances
- Rework GUI with new ET/PHP Framework
- remove Bootstrap
- remove RRD files (using standard mySQL DB)
- cleaner config with user customizations
- integrate VPN and TOR databases
- lightning fast Search/Filter 
- Monitor should be able to be run continuously in most environments
- more efficient monitor; sorting and filtering offloaded to browser
- Collapse All Sections 
- Groups are now Collapsable
- User Defined Tabs for custom Apps
- Customizable Tabs Organization
- Admin Tabs
- More Flexible Role Creation
- Updated Detailed Sysinfo
- Improved Database Module
- FastBoot Rule Loader - load 3000 rules in a second
- Comprehensive File Manager: View, Edit Files from the main GUI
- Enable/Disable Rules with a Click
- GUI edit for all Config Options
- Support for All Current Silicom Bypass Cards
- remove bwrules database
- Rules are now automatically added to section
- Section and Group Rules are generated first regardless of their index
- Sections can now be renumbered
- IP Access List for Access BWMGR
- Added Tab to edit Log Rotation Configuration
- upgraded SNMP to 5.7.2 on 9.1, 5.7.3 on 12.1

July 12, 2019

- fix for customer throughput meters

July 11, 2019

- fix for Firewall Pagination

June 18, 2019  v5.5.6 (final 5.5 release)

- fixed some bugs with new tabs framework
- added v6 fast searching and pagination to Customers tab
- fixed the ceiling on graphs; can now display up to 4Gb/s of traffic
- multiple logins no longer needed for upgrader

June 2, 2019

- fixed a bug with Sort By Usage
- fixed a problem where interface rules were saved incorrectly. To fix your DB:
   bwmgr rebuilddb
   bwmgr rebuild > /etc/rc.bwmgr

June 1, 2019

- Group bps display is repaired.

May 9,2019

- new Variables for Quota Notify Template
- fixed problem with customer dashboard

May 6, 2019

- Quota bugs fixed
- Quota Notification now include usage info

April 9, 2019 v5.5.5

- v6 user tab installed
- v6 profiles tab installed
- hidden tabs now work properly if bandwidth tab is hidden
- Fixes to Quatas
- Quotas now reset profile to default during inactive time slots
- Users/Customers now forced to re-login if password is changed

April 3, 2019 

- patches to fix monitor settings form.
- fixed monitor shutdown

March 27, 2019 v5.5.4

- updated profile module
- improved pagination
- pagination on customers and profiles

March 21, 2019 

- Upgrades to Quota System
- Quotas can now be entered as strings with decimals (200MB, 2.5GB, 3GB)
- Quotas and usage displayed on main page.
- User email notification repaired
- Daily Quota can now override Monthly Quota based on setting
- Quotas overrides are now applied when Customer record is saved
- New quota-config.php file required in /usr/local/www/bwmgr/config

Feb 20, 2019

- guipassword command repaired

Jan30, 2019

- Quotas can now be edited properly.

Jan 28, 2019 GUI v5.5.2

- fixed customer meters to correctly show customer's rule
- added maxTput field to set customer's meter to custom scale
- edit rule now has multiple TOD fields
- fixed pagination

Jan 21, 2019

- monitor settings are now saved properly

Jan 17, 2019

- fixed bw_timemanager
- some patches for time_profiles

Dec 30, 2018

- Several Patches Available

Dec 13, 2018

- patches to fix license recognition. You may have to pull down the latest
upgrader to install a new license.

Dec 10, 2018

- patches for 5.5.1 available

Dec 7, 2018: v5.5.1  - Transition Version to v6

- Improved Upgrader upgrades from 5.1 -> 5.5 Fully automated.
- Transition version to upcoming v6
- Mucho code reorganization
- new Stats API Class
- integrate c3 graph package
- Customer Portal / DashBoard with Daily/Hourly usage and Quota Status
- Rules now maintain their index within sections when edited
- New Messaging System
- Quota Overrides
- Stronger Passwords
- Integrated logins for Admins and Customers
- Updated login sub-system
- Macros for time/date and configuration
- Improved the Time Profile Interface
- Drop Support for Webmin
After upgrading you will need to edit /usr/local/www/bwmgr/config/static-config.php before you can use the new GUI

Sept 15, 2018

- patch to allow 4096 txd/rxd buffer setting for ix driver

Sept 6, 2018

- patch fix for Quotas Form not saving quota plans properly

July 13, 2018

- removed some trace code from kernel in ix driver

Jan 16, 2018

- Added support for the 5018R-WR appliance (R2800X)

Jan 3, 2018 v5.4.14 (Unified)

- Fixed some problems with newer USB devices
- Added Support for new R2400S Appliance (Skylake)

Dec 7, 2017

- Added a tunable (and changed a setting) to alleviate a problem with transmit queue overflows in the igb driver

Nov 14, 2017

- fixed a memory leak in php/apache. Restart of httpd required

Oct 29,2017

- Fix to New Rule in Firewall in GUI

Oct 26, 2017

Driver: 5.4.10
CLI/GUI: 5.4.14

- fixed a problem saving time profiles from the GUI

Oct 6, 2017

Driver: 5.4.10
CLI/GUI: 5.4.12

- increased swap space on disk builds to 12G from 4G
- some changes to the demo version

Sept 22, 2017

Driver: 5.4.9
CLI/GUI: 5.4.11

- Allows adding and editing rule from the Customers Tab
- Firewall rules can now be selected with the rule#
- Firewall tab checkboxes now work correctly

Aug 22, 2017

Driver: 5.4.9
CLI/GUI: 5.4.9

- rebuild now properly set the use_monitor setting in startup script
- add rule now uses default interface if no interface is specified
- automgr now shows sections from both bandwidth and firewall correctly
- fixed problem with DNS and HOST events settings
- fixed problem with automgr deleting domains
- tags can now be dynamically created in autoMgr GUI
- fixed problems matching addresses with multiple tags
- fixed some problems with automgr cascading traffic rules
- fixed login form display after member login
- included the interface tab in the admin-only role
- roles can now be deleted properly.


- added an option to bwmgrd to enable the bwdata database for those who are using it


Driver: 5.4.7
CLI/GUI: 5.4.8

- GUI version changes now reflected to avoid having to reboot to show the correct version. Driver version
will be synced when a reboot is required
- fixed problem when webmin was running
- graph.php repaired
- webmin cogs will not show up if webmin isn't running
- cosmetic GUI changes
- intregrated font-awesome (replacing glyphicons and random image icons)
- Reports Div repaired and now uses the Billing DB (must be enabled in crontab)
- bwdata table is antiquated

v5.4.6 July 5, 2017

- IP Addresses in rules are now link-enabled to display IP Location info

v5.4.5 July 2, 2017

- Fixed the Demo Handshake
- New Demo Repository
- Select Single Rules without Checkbox
- Fixed problem with reverse rules with index < 100
- Reverse Groups can now insert correctly into a section
- yet-another update to messaging / notification

v5.4.4 June 28, 2017

- Add To Section command added. Allow rules to be moved and/or added to a section
- Add To Section can also be used to renumber rules
- fixed js error in Monitor ip-info form
- fixed a problem when creating Firewall Sections

v5.4.3 June 22, 2017

- Some Fixes

v5.4.2 June 5, 2017

- added directional port range. Syntax has changed so manual adjustments will be required

bwmgr INTERFACE -portrange 500-600   # either direction
bwmgr INTERFACE -dportrange 500-600  # dest ports
bwmgr INTERFACE -sportrange 500-600  # source ports

- sections can now be hidden (collapsed)
- section memberships are now preserved across boots
- rules are now identified as being in a section
- additional info is now provided to help find bad rules in rc.bwmgr
- backdb was repaired

v5.4.1 5/29/2017

- includes sample applications in release
- added some API helper functions
- some fixes related to new Msgs library
- added a monitor limit for DNS queue 
- phpsysinfo is now a tarball so upgrades should be much faster on slow links

v5.4 2/24/2017

- fixed a problem with the monitor that could cause it to not read the config file (and refuse to launch)
- upgrade to php 7 (note you'll need to setup a new php.ini)
- all modules now compiled into php module 
- added php opcache support
- added a setting to specify which interfaces are used by the monitor
- DB manager no longer requires a separate login
- new messaging system for errors and notifications
- removal of ioncube encryption

1) PHP upgrade will interfere with the browser, so you may need to refresh after the upgrader update
2) Some JS has been moved around, so make sure you fully refresh the browser after the full upgrade is complete. Otherwise you'll
get a js error and the buttons won't work

v5.3.3 12/23/16

- fixed a problem with the automgr
- global rulesets repaired
- added per interface selection for global rules
- fixed the monitor status bar

v5.3.2  10/17/16

- added support for R2800D with a quad Bypass Card
- some changes to monitor settings (internal)
- fixed a problem that didn't allow connection to an external DB

v5.3.1 8/17/16

- some wrong files were in the last update. Make sure you pull this down to sync up

v5.3.1 8/9/16

- Support for Z3100 Mini Appliance
- bwmgr_setup now works properly with a 2 port system
- DNS memory leak fixed
- some fixes to quota that cause 0 quotas to not be "no quota"
- A new repository for pre 5.1 systems for a smoother upgrade
- fixes to Bandwidth scaling. No Scaling rules now properly saved 

v5.3 Released 2/28/16

v5.024 2/3/16

- Implemented an Auto Bandwidth Scaling Mechanism
- Fixed a problem with graphs refreshing too quickly
- Fixed a problem with billingd that caused quota over profiles not to be set

v5.2 build 023 1/11/16

- Fixed a problem that could cause a crash starting the AutoMgr
- Added TOR IP-MAP database and load_ipmap utility
- Fixed a couple of problems with Time Profiles 

v5.2 build 022 1/4/2016

- Added Rebuild DB command to Admin Dropdown Menu
- Rules added after initial boot now show the create time as comments in the gui
- Rules now show the created time in CLI
- Fixes to AutoMgr
- Fixed a problem that crashed the monitor
- fixed a problem with IP Protocols (UDP, ICMP, etc) not registering properly
- implemented traffic management for AutoMgr (only total usage is functional)
- cleardb has been repaired
- License Manager will now refuse to install licenses that are too old for installed software
- made the changes necessary to support limits and thresholds over 4 gb/second
- fixed a problem with restarting the BWMGR which could cause a race condition related crash
- alerts are now shown much sooner after the events

v5.2 build 021 12/9/15

- fixed a problem with 10g bypass cards displaying the wrong connection speed
- made a change to the gui cpu display to clean up the view with more than 24 cpus displayed
- added CIDR netmasking to monitor filters
- message bar now works properly when login form is displayed
- fixed monitor usage stats
- fixed clear counters 
- added support for SR (SFP+ Compatible) Fiber bypass Card
- added support for 82599ES SFP+ Cards
- ifconfig workaround for reporting bug for some ethernet cards

v5.2 build 020 Pulled Release

- Added a message field at top of GUI
- Pagination now works correctly when viewing a Section
- Added a Search form for Alerts
- bypass TAB now correctly changes link status on change
- Added a button to show or hide AutoMgr created rules
- Added a GUI command to backup rules
- Added the AutoMgr Countries and Domain Watch modules
- Analyze command is repaired
- Added a command to rebuild the DB from installed rules
- Bandwidth now displays properly in GUI for balanced groups

v5.2 build 019 10/21/15

- Added "Known Hosts" to associate IPs to Specific Locations
- fixed a problem with services GUI outputting mysql_dir instead of mysql_dbdir

v5.2 build 018 10/14/15

- Added new license type for leases
- Added a Demo Upgrade Repository and Demo now only requires a handshake rather than a license

v5.2 build 017 10/10/15
- added support for new R2800D Dual CPU E5-v3 Appliance
- increased messages queue to reduce overflows
- fixed problem where max buffers was reset to 15000 on startup
- added automgr and user flags to IP Mappings
- settings forms now close on successful save
- substantially increased the efficiency of monitor dns processing
- HOST event is now sent immediately with a secondary DNS Event if needed
- Tab added to view/edit the location database

v5.2 build 016 9/20/15

- implemented statsdevices for SNMP gathering of system stats
- fixed saving of settings 
- start command is now written correctly to startup script
- load_agent_config now written correctly to startup script
- new igb driver backed out until a problem can be isolated

v5.2 build 015 9/12/15

- fixed table display in Interfaces Tab
- New GUI for Mappings and IP Maps. Settings Can Now be saved in a JSON config file (replacing the loadprotocols text files)
- DNS can now be edited or created from GUI for custom display
- Added Alerts to the Monitor
- Tags are now added dynamically with a new rule if they don't exist

v5.2 build 014 8/23/15

- time profiles now work properly
- fixed a bug that could cause a DNS buffer to overflow and cause a stack crash
- Many fixes to the Monitor
  - DNS Thread count is now a config variable.
  - Settings are synchonized with the config file
  - Host and Streams overflows are handled gracefully
  - DNS behaves better when falling way behind traffic

v5.2 build 010 8/15/15

- reworked the monitor DNS threads to be more efficient
- fixed some problems with wrong DNS and SITEs being displayed in the monitor

v5.2 build 009 8/12/15

- re-implemented large buffer management for ioctl. removed mmap_string().

v5.2 build 008 NOT RELEASED

- Reconstructed internal IP mappings (IPtag to IPcache)
- Expanded the capacity of IP map structures
- IPs can have multiple tags
- IPs can have both a tag and a protocol
- Implemented internal DNS monitoring
- added time zone to bw_timemanager debug output
v5.2 build 007 7/5/2015

- refresh now works in section and group view
- monitor filters now work properly
- firewall section and groups are now created properly

v5.2 build 006
- Fixed a problem with groups with bandwidth limits
- Fixed a problem with customers table not saving the rule field
- graph.php now properly logs out to /graph.php instead of /

v5.2 6/29/2015

- new optimized IP Location Database
- AutoMgr base implementation
- monitor performance substantially improved
- monitor adapted for use with AutoMGR
- dns is now done in the monitor binary and is handled in memory instead of the DB
- new quota daemon quotad with email notification
- comments are now shown on hover in the Bandwidth Tab
- monitor now shows flag of source country in the host display
- city/country of host shown on hover over flag in monitor
- fixed a problem with too-long comments
- config files are now stored in JSON
- support for E5-2600v3 CPU Appliance
- ARPs now match properly 
- settings form now re-reads settings on save to show if they've actually taken
- daemons are now represented as rc services
- bootup and shutdown functions brought into the BWMGR Gui, minimizing the need for Webmin
- Sections can now be viewed by clicking the Section Name

Current Issues
- Automgr not yet enabled
- Quota Module not yet implemented
- E-Mail Notifications not yet enabled
- Monitor changes are still being made


Upgrading to v5.2 will require you to transition your services started in /etc/rc.local to
rc.conf. Please review the page titled "Upgrading to v5.2" in the Documents section of

v5.1.0.9 3/8/2015

- added an add_to_section command for dynamically adding rules from applications
- sections are now index defined (either forward or reverse)
- reverse rules now must have defined rule limits
- increased the number of rules per page that can be retrieved
- an IP can be registered from both the License Management and Upgrade Modules

v5.1.0.8 2/20/2015

- burstmax now works properly

v5.1.0.7 2/17/2015

- Fixed a problem with is_combined rules not working
- Groups now can take a time profile properly
- Expanded User Roles. Added User Roles Gui. Tabs can now be hidden or read-only

v5.1.0.6 1/4/2015


- removed some trace code in customers tab and on console
- fixed an error message when editing a rule with stats enabled
- fixed problem with settings getting trashed by bwmgr_setup

NOTE: If you are using 10Gb ixgbe (ix0) driver, Do not use this update

- Delete now works in Group View
- Added a Select All checkbox in Group View
- Added Pagination for Group View
- Sort by Usage, Hits and Drops options added for Bandwidth and Firewall Rules
- Groups can be viewed sorted by usage
- Group View is now Sticky
- increased default protocol stats table size to 8000
- Deleted rules are now properly removed from the DB
- Selected non-default interface now "sticks" across tab views
- A problem with graphs not capturing the first 5 minutes of data was corrected

v5.1.0.5 11/13/14

- A problem that causes graphs to max out at 80Gb/s was corrected
- New User Graph Module
- diskutil now includes backup set for settings, rules, DB and graphs to USB
- Fixed Appliance Type conflict between R2800X and R2800D
- Added Daily Usage User Graph with total and quota usage
- Added Date Fields to User Graphs to either view any single Day or custom range

v5.1.0.4 10/28/14

- added a search limit option
- added a comment icon with popover for bandwidth rules
- major performance tweek in em driver

v5.1.0.3 10/12/14

- fixed problem deleting rules not registering properly
- fixed problem with streams matching protocols
- fixed tags
- Mappings and IP Tags in GUI now show error messages correctly
- fixed bad indexlevel rules put out by auto-rebuild
- searching is expanded to "any" text in a rule (comments, url, profile names, etc)

v5.1.0.2 Oct 2, 2014

- Ability to set key interface for licenses was added (adding a card won't break licensing
- per rule protocols implemented
- MPLS encapsulation support added
- Added gpart support to diskutil
- TRIM is now automatically set when building SSD drives
- Added a Rule pulldown for Customers Tab
- Quota is now set to default during hours when quota is not enforced
- Interface Tab now shows MAC and IP addresses of interfaces
- Added Kernel and Memory to Basic Info Modal
- login problem with the MySQL manager was fixed
- problem when deleting a rule with stats enabled fixed
- alerts now properly show failed login attempts
- modal window closure fixed for some forms
- Search function fixed in bandwidth and firewall tabs
- burn function added to diskutil for burning usb images
- ipmireset utility added
- graph login problems fixed
- graph tab now shows current usage
- bps is now the default instead of pps
- cosmetic changes to some forms
- reports CSS updated
- customers "apply rule" fixed

v5.1.0 6/29/14

- New framework with bootstrap 3 components
- New Admin GUI with bootstrap 3 theme (reconfig required)
- GUI Text Editor Added
- new lightweight graphs package being used
- added improved mySQL GUI to manage Databases
- integrated a new authentication class
- added framework for an logging/alert system
- added view selection for rules per page
- fixed problem with some types of rules not getting stored properly in the startup script
  (patch available for build 41)
- moved some admin functions to a dropdown menu
- many GUI fixes

v5.0.41 5/9/14

- added a shutdown/reboot option in the GUI
- repaired bw_timemanager (again)
- bwmgr now puts out profiles with quotes to allow for profile names with spaces
- fixed a crash caused by setprofile cmd
- graph.php is now working

v5.0.40 4/28/14

- integrated new Graphs package
- fixed a problem with IPMI being detected with older Appliances. (Requires hints, see ipmi man page)
- dropped support for 32-bit. Added a Single Core 64-bit Product option
- added a zoom feature to graphs
- fixed a bug displaying groups in the GUI

NOTE: You'll need to force reload your browser to see the meters and graphs to load the new package

v5.0.39 4/17/14

- fixed IP Filters in Monitor
- added Partial Monitor IP filter strings (ie 192.168.0. )
- added IPMI Address management to the Settings tab
- getrule now works properly with a name and no interface (bwmgr getrule NAME)
- added billingd daemon to gather billing and quota stats
- renamed rrd-funcs.php to stats-lib.php
- fixed a problem where the monitor refresh was running when the tab was closed
- Quoatas are now functional (rollovers are pending)

v5.0.38 3/24/14

- patch (same release) Fixed problem with burstmax set to 0
- added some additional security to the upgrader
- added package capability to upgrader. 
- added aide (advanced intrusion detection environment)
- php rebuild to include features needed for monitoring
- added backdb utility: saves a mysqldump of each table that can be restored individually
- added cleardb utility to clear all but n days of data from the bwdata database
- fixed a shutdown/reboot panic with ipmi enabled
- replaced bsnmp with net-snmp
- Improved burst management and added a per-rule unburst setting. Burst checking now done on 1 second windows
- Added a GUI utility to monitor Temperatures, disks, processes and memory

v5.0.37 2/24/14

- added a move rule (change index) function for firewall rules
- fixed a license problem with new emx driver
- fixed a problem with license GUI module where buttons wouldn't work after an operation
- diskutil no longer creates mount point directories on USBs
- Source Routing has been implemented.
- Added a modified version of tinyproxy
- Redirection to a resident proxy server implemented
- Added Support for new 2400H and 2400HL Appliance (E3v3 CPUs)
NOTE: i3/E3 based R2800C Appliances are now R2400CL

v5.0.36 1/14/14

- New Build procedure put into place
  Systems are now built with default 192.168 address
  We're now using openDNS address as the default DNS. We recommend that you replace this
  with your local DNS, as openDNS has some issues.

- added functions to extract billing info from RRD files
	rrd_getbilling(): gets total usage and 95th percentile
	rrd_getusage(): gets daily and monthly usage for a rule
- IPMI utility added
- users can now be deleted properly
- a problem with displaying addresses with urls was corrected
- added customers tab for provisioning and quota management
- implemented an integrated Quota System
- added Sections for grouping rules logically
- fixed a problem with the license tab where existing license was wiped
- removed trace code from the license tab

v5.0.35 11/9/13

- interrupts/second added for em and ix cards
- fixed a problem with getstats() with names without -stats set
- fixed a problem with PXGBPiG Card with the new bypass driver. Do NOT upgrade to build 34
  if you have this card.
- interfaces tab now shows link status dynamically
- added support for R2800D Appliance Type
- added button in Bridges Tab to enable/disable the Fastbridge
- added full fastbridge support
- added x540 10g bypass support to bypass module
- added support for x540 based Copper 10 gigabit card
- added a more accurate CPU usage reporting mechanism
- fixed bypass not found messages in the log when no bypass cards are in the system

v5.0.34 10/31/13

- fixed a problem with bypass flapping caused by time adjustment (tuning)
- fixed "String Too Long" problem with bypass driver
- fixed a problem with php SSL access
- added interrupts/sec field in the interfaces tab for igb cards
- updated driver for 82546 ethernet controllers
- a problem with streams performance was corrected
- SCSI and SAS disks are now shown as ada# instead of da#. 
  If you have a da# boot disk you MUST change your entries in /etc/fstab 
  before you reboot. RAID is not affected.

v5.0.33 10/1/13 

- Added a traffic monitor
- added a background IP resolver database for use with the monitor
- added an IP to City and IP to organization database for use with the monitor
- fixed a problem decoding FTP transfers
- DNS decodes now include a "url" parameter, which can be used to block DNS attacks more efficiently
- Added an IP Map feature to the GUI, which allows you to map an IP to Text, such as an Employee's name
- Added a new bittorrent signature
- Moved Reload to the top Menu
- Reload in the GUI now maintains the current tab
- fixed portrange
- IP addresses are now validated properly when adding rules
- Added an Automated Upgrader to the GUI
- bwmgr_license now defaults to test mode if license isn't present
- Added $bwmgr->get_license() which can read the REQUEST file if the system isn't running
- Added a priority field to protocol_file to facilitate order of loading

Note: Delay on startup problem were caused by an DNS problem with a moved host.
It should be fixed now regardless of your version. However it indicated that your 
options are not set correctly in resolv.conf.  Make certain that  you have  the line:

options timeout:1

in /etc/resolv.conf. It's REQUIRED for the Traffic Monitor

v5.0.32 8/13/13

- new bypass driver supports i350 2 and 4 port cards
- Dell R210 appliance type now works with standard bypass cards installed
- Fixed another bug that could cause crashes after deleting active rules
- graphs now include dynamic current usage. User graphs include historical view now

v5.0.31 7/15/2013

- Bug which caused system to hang introduced in build 27 was fixed
- Fixed another bug related to deleting rules with active shaping limits

v5.0.29 7/3/2013

- Added support for Dell R210 Appliance
- Bypass driver status and GUI now show the card name
- prepared the em, bce and bge drivers for use with the fastbridge
- tuning enhancements to the em driver

v5.0.28 6/18/2013

- Rules may now have both site and url parameters


- bypass now shows link state change without a refresh
- improved window shaping and management of tcp window scaling
- current pps and bps now show in graphs tab.
- fixed a problem with time profiles
- meters now have a setting for which interface to show

v5.0.26 6/10/2013

- fixed bug in gnutella protocol decode. 

v5.0.25 6/4/2013

- Fixed a major window shaping bug that could cause random slowness
- A bug with Comments when rebuilding rules was fixed

v5.0.24 Pulled due to bug

- Fixed a number of cosmetic issues in GUI
- User roles can now be changed in the GUI
- pps firewall rules have been re-implemented
- lockup problem with add_before bug fixed
- logging of firewall discard rules repaired
- pps rules now output properly on rebuild
- created a mechanism for Comment Rules to clarify display
- added -add_after switch for provisioning
- indexes are now put out first when rebuilding rulesets

v5.0.22 5/22/13

- Fixed a problem detecting URLs for http POSTs
- Substantial performance improvements to igb driver

v5.0.21 5/14/13

- A slightly new look with tunable theme
- A new igb driver now supports newer NICs (i350, 82580, etc)
- A change index command has been added to renumber rules
- Changed the default MAX_STREAMS setting to 50000

v5.0.20 4/19/13

- fixed user roles where a role could not be updated
- enabled a working prototype of ET/PKTRING for the monitor
- fixed a problem where the ports protocols file was not being read properly
- added/changed counters now working for loadprotocols

v5.0.19 4/8/13

- changed the numeric test for names so that only integer values are disallowed
- fixed a problem that caused some license requests to be unreadable

v5.0.18 3/25/13

- the GUI only probes for new version on load/reload
- fixed protocol matching problem introduced in .17
- extended names in the kernel to handle 40 character names. GUI changes coming.
- Made a change to extend hits to show 64bit values. 

v5.0.17 3/18/2013

- special protocols tcpconnect and tcpsyn now match properly

NOTE: This fix broke protocol matching. Do not use.

v5.0.16 Not Released

- GUI now checks for new version when loaded and displays a field if available
- Reports Tab added to GUI
- Bandwidth Reports ported from version 4 (Daily, Monthly, Recent)
- buildbwdata utility builds reports DB from rrd files
- problem with source and destination addresses fixed

v5.0.15 2/25/13

- fixed pagination problem when not using the default interface
- fixed a problem with bursts and thresholds when changing profiles
- IP protocols (icmp, udp) now match properly
- src and dst ports now display in the proper field on the edit form

v5.0.14 2/19/13

- rebuild userules now properly outputs "" around strings with spaces
- fixed a problem with window shaping settings getting stuck
- added min_window tunable to reduce shaping effect 

v5.0.12 2/12/13

- Removed Some trace code in Balance Group and UDP Sniffing processing
- added enable and disable cmds to CLI
- added temporary rules (not fully tested)
- fixed vlan decoding
- fixed a bug where too long rule names could cause random crashes
- fixed flushdb so it doesn't delete stats records with a login setup

v5.0.11 2/1/2013

- Added Users Tab with 2 possible roles (Admin, Read-Only)
- Fixed a problem with burst triggers
- Traffic graphs can now be viewed for the last n days
- Fixed problem with rrd file config for historical graphs. Rebuild required.
- flushdb now clears the stats table
- database updates are now made in the gui on startup if necessary
- utility to import v4 databases into v5 format (bwdata2rrd)
- utility to update existing rrd files to new settings (updaterrd)

v5.0.10 Not Released

- Updated licensing to support older systems
- Build for Single Core Appliances
- GUI now indicates when the BWMGR module is not installed
- Added support for running webmin in SSL mode
- resized protocol/stats table and added tunable

v5.0.9 1/16/13

- moved OS version to FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE
- fixed delrule and getrule when used with a name parameter
- fixed problem with interface burst thresholds
- added an option to disable shaping on an entire interface

- implemented Single Core licensing

v5.0.8 1/7/13

- Changed build to dot notation
- removed some trace in balanced groups
- added support for TRIM for builds on SSD
- backup disks can now be registered on dual disk systems to hot swap boot

v5.0 build 7 1/4/13

- fixed tcpdump/bpfilter crash problem
- fixed rebuild problem with burst_in and burst_out
- removed some trace code in bridging and bittorrent
- ported back to FreeBSD 7

v5.0 build 3
- removed some trace code
- added support for quad bypass to 9.1
- fixed some problem with protocol detections, particularly bittorrent and p2p
- fixed problem with bridge when created with ifconfig instead of bwmgr

v5.0 build 1
- fixed indexlevels
- added snapshot for stats to fix rounding error

- Port to FreeBSD 9.1 64-bit Platform
- Eliminates the 4GB Memory Limit
- Support for the latest hardware
- Support for Solid State Hard Drives
- Significant improvement in Performance for existing hardware

v5.0 Release Date Nov 23, 2012
- synced code with FreeBSD 9.1 Branch
- implemented bidirectional burst settings and triggers
- Implemented Packets Per Second (PPS) Graphs
- Fixed -site parameter (previously -nameaddr in v4)
- Added GUI for IP Address Tags and Content Protocol Mappings
- New Gauges for the Gui for CPU usage and Throughput

v5.0RC5 Release Date Oct 12, 2012
- fixed balanced groups
- groups now show number of members in gui
- fixed bridge FastForward mode

v5.0RC4 Release Date: Oct 4, 2012
- complete re-write of user interface in PHP
- complete re-write of GUI
- javascript graphs
- complete PHP API for application development
- memory stick support for backups
- additional monitoring tools for network analysis
- moving to RRD data format for graphing.
- improved graphs
- protocol engine accuracy improved
- added new content and server detections
- improved p2p detection
- new content type detection
- skype voip now properly detected
- magicjack GSM mode supported
- Optimized IP location database
- Added Support for Tags for grouping Content
- Added Site mapping
- Added X-Header sniffing
- Added internal IP address mapping to Tags or Protocol
- Rules added with CLI are now rebuilt with Auto Rebuild enabled
- All rules have a comment field which is displayed in the GUI
- Time management profiles can now overlay rules at specific times.

v4.27 10/31/2010
- Fixed the last problem with deleted rules causing panics
- Compression now works properly
- A memory leak related to deleting rules with -protocols was fixed

v4.26 10/29/2010
- Fixed an additional problem with deleted/updated rules

v4.25 10/12/2010
- Fixed serialization problem with some CPUs
- Fixed problem where deleted rules could cause crashes
- Fixed problem with the fastbridge getting stuck, causing traffic to bypass without being processed


v4.23 7/2/2010
- serious bug in window shaping was fixed that could cause traffic to stall with limits under 256000

v4.22 6/29/2010
- Fixed memory leak caused by deleting rules, mainly affecting automgr and reverse rule setups
- Added additional protection for BWMGR CLI commands
- Fixed problem with shaping that particularly affects low bandwidth limits

v4.20 5/29/2010
- restored full proxying for source routing
- modified the way cache proxying is interpreted
- now uses "NIC capability" to determine licensing allowing for faster multi-purpose machines
- added delay queues for igb and ixgbe devices

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