Before reporting a problem with your software or appliance, please check the troubleshooting page.

Getting Support

Ticket System - Support is available for paid customers via a web-based ticketing system which eliminates the clutter of email, keeps things organized and allows us to have multiple people participate. When you submit a problem, your ticket will appear on the screen. It's important that you note the ticket number. When a staff member responds, you will receive an email with the response. At any time you can view the ticket in its entirety from any browser using this page.

To view an existing ticket, click here.

To open a new support ticket, Click here. if you have a license please specify support so we know which product you're inquiring about.

Single Incident Support

If your license is long out of date and it would cost you too much to update your license, you can purchase single-incident support for $200. If your system is crashed or you have some other problem that you can't figure out we'll work with you until your system is up and running properly. Note that if your system is damaged and cannot be fixed without a rebuild you'll have to upgrade your license to fix it. In that case we'll apply the $200 to your upgrade cost.

You can buy single incident support here.

User Reference Manuals

Manuals for all of our available products are available here.

Upgrading Bandwidth Manager Appliances and Software Appliances

If you have an ET/BWMGR appliance, then you must purchase an update subscription to update your system. Updates are supplied in a variety of ways, but in order to access and run the scripts, you must have support.

If you purchase the appliance without a subscription, you get 30 days of support and updates. If you purchase a subscription within 30 days of the expiration of the subscription (or at the time of purchase of the appliance), the subscription is $300/year. if your subscription is expires more than 30 days, the cost to renew it will be pro-rated at $350/year. So if you're subscription is expired 6 month, the cost of renewal would be 1.5 x 350 = $525. The cost is capped at 75% of the value of your license. So if you're license is $2000, the cost to renew will never be more than $1500. So there will always be some value if you decide to upgrade many years after not paying support.

In order to use our auto-update subscription, you will need to have at least version 1.007 of ET/Admin installed, and will have to be running at least v3.2 of the ET/BWMGR. If you are running a version before 3.2 of the ET/BWMGR, you can no longer upgrade your license, as the grace period has expired.

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