How to Place an Order or Get a Quote

NOTE: We have a new website design, but the "store" is the same as in this tutorial


We provide full pricing on our web site, unlike some vendors who go to great lengths to hide this critical information. Whether you want to get quick pricing information, or a full quote including shipping, our automated shopping-cart ordering system is available at all hours for your convenience.

Product Pricing

Many of our products vary in price according to options that you select at the time of purchase, such as license speed, or in the case of our Hardware Appliances, which CPU you choose, how much RAM, etc. If you simply want to get quick pricing information, it's easy to select the item, add the necessary options, and place the item into your cart to see the full pricing. The system will also apply quantity discounts when available.

Full Pricing with Shipping

If you wish to continue the pricing process and get a shipping quote, you will need an account, which will allow you to provide a shipping address.

Opening an Account

Opening an account is required to get shipping estimates, to print formal quotes, and to actually place an order. If your organization has purchased from us before, please use the existing account. Accounts are linked to an email address. If possible, get the password from the person in the organization who set up the account. If this is not possible, contact us on a Sales Ticket and we will change the email as long as it matches the organization's domain.

Quote signup

You can create an account from the storefront Log-in page, or you can go go directly to the account creation form.

Quote create

Selecting a Product

Quote select

On the bottom of the page, you'll see options. If you've ever ordered from Dell; it's a similar concept but much simpler. Choose the options that you want.

Quote options

Click Add To Cart and the item will be put into the shopping cart. You'll see the cart summary on the right side of the page.

Quote incart

To view the cart, Click on Cart Contents to view the items in the Cart.

Quote cartcontents

Getting a Quote

Once you've created an account and placed the item(s) in your shopping car, just press Checkout to get a quote. You can either press the Checkout button when viewing the cart, or the Checkout link at the top right of the page.


If there are physical items in your cart, you'll be presented with shipping options. If you buy a license, support or an upgrade this step will be skipped.

Quote shipping

Click Continue to proceed to the payment choices.


We accept CC for most domestic orders and International Orders under $5000; although we cannot accept CCs from some high fraud risk countries. For larger purchases, if you pay by wire we may offer you a Cash Discount. If you've purchased from us before and the CC option doesn't appear; you may be in a country where we have it disabled. Ask us and we may be able to enable it just for your account.

Quote payment

If you choose Credit Card Payment, confirmation buttons will not appear until you've registered a valid Credit Card. When you Add a Card, we simply attach the card with our CC process to your account. Because customers often order the wrong item; we confirm and verify orders before we put through CC charges. So no charge or authorization will be taken for any actions you take within the online store.

When you select Add Card a form with a secure connection directly to our processor will pop up on the screen.

Quote cc form

After entering your CC info, the confirmation page will appear showing the last 4 digits of your CC that's attached to your account. The Quote and Confirm buttons will also be shown.

Quote cc show

If you don't want to register a CC at this time, or if you intend to pay by Wire Transfer or PayPal, select Wire Transfer as your payment type; in which case you'll see the Quote and Confirm buttons right away. We can change it to a Credit Card order later manually if necessary.

Quote wire confirm

Once you check the information and verify that it's correct, you can just press Quote or Confirm. Both buttons save the form; Confirm tells us that you're ready to go ahead with the order. Quote tells us that you're not ready to buy, so there's no action that we need to take. You'll have 30 days to convert the Quote to an order.

When you're ready to move forward with the order, you should open a ticket with the sales order or quote number.

You can open a sales ticket by using the Contact Form.

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