ET/BWMGR v6 Licensing

New Lower Pricing

A gigabit isn't what it used to be, and we've adjusted our pricing accordingly. Now you can do world-class Traffic Management on a full gigabit pipe for just $6000.

Licensing has been simplified in version 5. In version 4, if you had more than 45Mb/s of bandwidth, you had to purchase an unlimited license that varied in price depending on the processing power of your hardware; however, this became confusing when pricing software appliances, and it made purchasing a low-end machine difficult, as the hardware became increasingly difficult to find.

Buy What You Need

Tiered pricing allows you to upgrade as you grow.


v6 License Pricing

10Mb/s $500
100Mb/s: $1000.
250Mb/s: $2000
500Mb/s: $4000.
750Mb/s $5500
1 Gb/s: $6000
2 Gb/s $8000
3 Gb/s $10000
5 Gb/s $12000
10 Gb/s $15000


When you upgrade to v6 from older hardware, you can move your license to new hardware at no extra charge. If your hardware breaks or you want or need to upgrade, in order to use your license you must purchase the new hardware from us.

Use Any Supported Hardware

License pricing is no longer dependent upon what type of hardware you have, as it was in ET/BWMGR v4, so you have more flexibility in purchasing hardware if you wish to get a Software Appliance.

If you need to manage a lot of traffic, we recommend buying a Hardware Appliance; not because we make more money, but because we can fully support it. We actually charge more for software in many cases, because it's more work for us to support untested hardware, than it is to support hardware that we have in our development lab. When choosing hardware, please refer to our hardware selection guide.

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