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Last Update: Mar 27th, 2024

ET/BWMGR v8 License Policy

Next Generation performance

ET/BWMGR V8 has been completely redesigned ti take full advantage of modern CPUs, utilizing FreeBSD 14 as the OS base.

The full featured GUI provides you with a view of your traffic and allows you to easily tune settings as conditions change.

New Lower Pricing

A gigabit isn't what it used to be, and we've adjusted our pricing accordingly. Now you can have next generation Traffic Management on a full gigabit pipe for just $1999 for a limited time.

Licenses are also available for 100Mb/s for just $200; Just need to manage a few customers, or want to try out the software before you pull the trigger on a big appliance; the cost is minimal. There's just a $100 charge (plust the difference in license cost) to upgrade.

Buy What You Need

Tiered pricing allows you to upgrade as you grow.


v8 License Pricing

100Mb/s: $200.
500Mb/s: $995
750Mb/s $5500
1 Gb/s: $1999
2 Gb/s $3800
3 Gb/s $5500
5 Gb/s $7000
10 Gb/s $9500


The software is licensed to the specific hardware on which it is installed. If your hardware breaks or you want or need to upgrade your hardware, in order to use your license you must purchase the new hardware from us.

Use Any Supported Hardware

Thje ET/BWMGR should run on any hardware that runs FreeBSD 14

It's a few days work to build your own appliance, so if you want a system ready to go with guaranteed supported hardware you should consider a hardware appliance. If you have less than 1Gb/s of traffic, you can probably use any hardware. For best results you should consider our hardware selection guide.

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