ET/BWMGR Features

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ET/BWMGR Features:

Following are some of the more noteworthy features of the ET/BWMGR.

  • Comprehensive HTML Management Interface (GUI)
  • Bi-directional Bandwidth Limiting and Allocation
  • Load Balancing
  • Multi-port Bandwidth Managment at full gigabit speeds
  • Unlimited Sessions or Policies (limited by CPU power only)
  • Real Time Traffic Monitor
  • Integrated Firewall Function
  • Multi-Speed Bridging on Any Number of Ethernet Interfaces (ie bridge gigabit to multiple 100Mb/s)
  • Hardware Ethernet Bypass
  • Manage Traffic by IP, MAC or Network Address or Protocol
  • p2p Traffic Control (KaZaA, Morpheus, iMesh, AudioGalaxy, Bittorrent etc)
  • Supports Video, Audio and VoIP Traffic Management
  • Virtual Name Host Limiting and Statistical Gathering
  • Reverse Limiting (dynamic policy creation based on a trigger policy)
  • User Defined Mapping of Protocols and IP Addresses
  • Hard Limits and Optional "Burst" Limit for Each Defined Policy
  • Flexible Bursting Policy Definitions
  • Real TCP Window Shaping and Pacing
  • Guarantee Minimum Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth Templates/Profiles Simplify Large-Scale Deployment
  • Scales well to thousands of rules (no limit)
  • 10 Priority Levels
  • VLAN (VPN) support
  • Advanced Group Functions (group ceilings, balanced groups, member overrides, nested groups)
  • Interface (port) Limits
  • Limit traffic in, out separately or limit total bandwidth used
  • Pass-Through Priority for Local Data Streams
  • Time-of-day Transitioning (implement different policies at different times of day)
  • Statistics gathering and reporting for any definable traffic type (IP, MAC, VLAN, data type)
  • Monthly and Daily Quotas (Auto change bandwidth settings when Quota is reached)
  • Allow your Customers to View Graphs of their Traffic
  • Statistics-only mode ("sniffs" your LAN and gathers stats without being inline)
  • Graphing of any rule with current and historical data
  • Available as a bootable USB Software installation or complete Hardware Solution

Appliances Features

  • Full System Management Graphical Interface (HTML)
  • System Update/Upgrade over the Internet (paid subscription)
  • Full System-level support
  • Full Bootable Backup to Internal HDD or External USB Device

The ET/BWMGR includes all of the features that you would expect with the highest-end products available, including a graphical interface, full-featured bandwidth management, statistical reporting, multi-level prioritization of traffic and much, much more.

Multi-Port Transparent Bridging

ET/BWMGR runs as a high-performance transparent bridge on multiple NICs, allowing it to operate as a multiport, multispeed switch. The ET/BWMGR includes advanced bridge group capabilities that allow unlimited groups to be set up to facilitate any numbering scheme you need.

The BurstManager

The ET/BWMGR has a burst management feature that allows you to grant additional bandwidth on any policy based on overall traffic on your network. For example, you you can limit a particular IP or range of addresses to 512000bps when usage is below a defined threshold and 128000bps when usage is heavy. Burst thresholds can be flexibly applied, for example if you have a "premium" group of customers, other groups can be set to only burst when the premium group is using less that a specified amount of bandwidth. Bursting can be limited to a specific length of time, easily thwarting downloaders while providing snappy performance for browsing.

10 levels of Data Prioritization

The ET/BWMGR allows you to set 10 levels of priorities for traffic, and with multiple class grouping options you can do just about anything you want to do to manage your traffic. Prioritization along with "to the bit" bandwidth limiting allows you to allocate, limit, burst, prioritize and guarantee bandwidth with precision.

Corporate Streamlining

Not only ISPs can benefit from bandwidth management. Companies need to make sure that their critical traffic streams flow smoothly, and that database response times meet service level requirements. Imagine if you could dynamically allocate bandwidth for a critical download? Its easy with the ET/BWMGR.

Advanced Rule Indexing Increases Capacity

The ET/BWMGR implements a rule indexing technique that decreases overhead by up to 96% over linear scanning algorithms. Our powerful technology allows ET/BWMGR to manage literally tens of thousands of individual streams and classes of traffic with hardly any rule matching overhead. As far as we know, ET/BWMGR can handle more simultaneous user-defined traffic streams than any other product on the market, and is the only product that can handle complete rulesets for multiple gigabit networks.

Customer Feedback

We provide a customer portal where customers can view their current and historical usage. Sourc code is provided to allow you to customize the interfact to meet your needs.


Try reading our Bandwidth Management FAQ.

Some Examples

See some practical uses of the bandwidth manager.

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