What's New in v6.0?


  • Monitor Update
  • Multiple Tag IP Maps
  • GUI rewrite in ET/PHP Framework
  • GUI based Editor and File/Log Viewer
  • GUI for all configuration options
  • Improved, more efficient Monitor
  • Fast Searching
  • CLI Upgrader Alternative
  • More Flexible Sorting
  • More Secure Passwords
  • Integrated Customer/Admin logins
  • Remove Bootstrap
  • move to open source c3 graphs package
  • Daily and Hourly Stats for Customers
  • Integrate VPN and TOR databases
  • Added All Sections Collapse
  • User Defined Tabs for Custom Apps
  • Admin Tabs - Define which Tabs are Admin / User
  • More Flexible Role Creation
  • Update Detailed Info Section
  • Improved Database Module for Manual Tweeking
  • new Stats API Class
  • Customer Quota Overrides - Easily override plans without having to create a new plan
  • Customer DashBoard with Daily/Hourly Usage and Current Quota Status

ET/BWMGR v5.5 (Latest Available)

Released Dec 7, 2018

  • Bridge Version to v6
  • Most v6 features stuffed into the v5 GUI
  • View Release Notes


  • Update to PHP 7
  • Removal of Ioncube Encryption Engine
  • New Messaging System


  • E-Mail Notification System for Alerts and Quotas
  • Bandwidth Auto-Scaling


  • New HIgher Performance IP Location Database
  • More efficient reverse DNS processing
  • ET/AutoMgr allows automated management of countries, organizations, domains and long term traffic management
  • Monitor/Event Manager allows for Powerful User Built Applications in PHP
  • Vastly more efficient Monitor Operation


  • Bootstrap Framework
  • New GUI Look
  • Line Speed Monitor - full Gigabit line monitoring
  • New Database Manager
  • Database Backup Utility
  • Quota Management
  • Customer Database
  • Alert and Log Management
  • Integrated IP Location Database
  • MPLS frame decoding


  • Transition to 64bit FreeBSD 9.1
  • Support for greater than 4GB of Memory
  • Support for the latest hardware
  • Complete Re-Write of the User Interface in PHP
  • Complete Re-Write of the GUI
  • ET/PKTRING Interace allows for wire speed data monitor
  • Bi-Directional Burst Settings
  • New Plug-in Protocol Management Interface
  • Support for Many New Protocols including Skype
  • New "Tag" feature allows Background Bundling
  • Site Definition, for mapping Web sites to Protocols or Tags
  • New Granular Licensing in 1 MB/s Increments. Buy just what you need
  • Javascript Graphs offload CPU load to your Browser
  • User Defined Screen Updates (1 second default)
  • Graph data now stored in RRD files for use with 3rd party Utilities
  • High Performance Location Database now on Appliances (Map IP to Country)
  • Application Development Interface in PHP
  • X-Header Sniffing
  • Auto Rebuild for rules now works with rules added via CLI
  • User Roles