Traffic Monitor

The ET/BWMGR includes a powerful, real time monitor that gives you a unique view of your network. The monitor runs continuously and keeps track of all of the connections in your network, showing you the highest usage "streams". You can add filters or negative filters to hone your view. Just want to look at all of the DNS traffic? Just set a filter and watch. The monitor displays Host names, URLs and Referrers as well.

Big Networks

The ET/BWMGR Monitor can monitor your traffic real-time even on full gigabit networks. Got 40,000 hosts? No problem.

Host Info and Location

Just click on an IP or Host name and you can instantly get the location and organization info for the host, as well as a listing of all of the current connections.

Monitor hosts

Find Problems Instantly

Have you had your entire technical team spend an afternoon trying to track down an attack? How much time do you spend tracking down attacks and bandwidth hogs? The Monitor can find problems instantly.

Monitor icmp

The monitor clearly shows an ICMP attack. Simple pause the display and you can view the stream info of the attack.

Monitor icmp stream

Just check the IP1 checkbox and you can add a firewall rule or bandwidth control.

Save Time; Save Money

Instead of paying staff to hunt down network problems while your customers are getting quotes from your competition, fix your problems quickly with the ET/BWMGR monitor tool.

More to Come

We're releasing the Traffic Monitor in v5.0.33 the week of September 16th. Stay tuned for more info.

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