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Last Update: Mar 4th, 2013


bwmgrd is a program that stores statistics from each stats-enabled rule, and stores the data in an RRD file for each rule, interface, or protocol. It should be run every 5 minutes. On appliances, it is run automatically via cron, like so:

2*/5 * * * * root /usr/bwmgr/utils/bwmgrd stats


bwmgrd [stats | reset] [-d] [bwdata]


reset: Needed when first run at boot, to prevent a decrease in the stats counters from being treated as an overage of the maximum value (AKA wrapping), which could lead to large, erroneous spikes in the usage data.

stats: Store the current period's statistics in the RRD archive for each active stats rule. The default action.

-d: Enable debugging: log extra information to /var/log/bwmgrd.log

bwdata: Enable the collection of stats in the tbwdata DB

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