Feb 15th, 2013
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Feb 15th, 2013


bwdata2rrd is a utility that you can use to import your v4 database (mySQL) into the new v5 RRD format.


# bwdata2rrd [recreate]
Created /usr/local/etc/bwmgr/graphs/em2.rrd


You must first copy over your bwdata and markers tables from your v4 database. In a new version 5 install, there is no bwdata table, so you can simply copy your old table in place without conflicting with any v5 settings. Once that's done, you can run bwdata2rrd to import the old data. Up to 90 days of stats data is imported from the MySQL database. Out is logged to the file /var/log/bwdata2rrd.log, if you need to check that a rule was imported.


There is one parameter to bwdata2rrd, "recreate," which allows you to overwrite existing RRD files with the data from bwdata. This can be useful if you are importing data after some data for rules has been stored during testing. Note that the stats data from the testing period will be deleted as part of this process.

The settings for bwdata2rrd is stored in /usr/bwmgr/utils/bwdata2rrd.cfg. In most cases, these settings will not need to be changed, but if you need to change the MySQL database location or login details, this is where to make those changes.

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