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Last Update: Jul 13th, 2020

Customer Portal

v6 has a separate customer portal with it's own directory structure so you can better isolate your BWMGR administration console from your customers. Not all users utilize customer access to the BWMGR, so the files needed are not included in the standard upgrade.

To get the files, pull down the ET64_CUSTOMERS package:

# bwmgrUpgrader getPackage ET64_CUSTOMERS

or you can download it via the GUI.

The files are installed in /usr/local/www/customers and the directory index is customerIndex.php. To give your customers access, you'll have to create a separate web site, using either a separate IP or a name virtual server.

An example of a portal on a separate IP Address:

DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/customers"
DirectoryIndex customerIndex.php
ServerName "etbwmgr"
ErrorLog "logs/ci-error_log"
CustomLog "logs/ci-access_log" common

To make it easier for your customers, you could create a redirect from your main site. Suppose your site is

cd /usr/local/www/bwmgr
mkdir customers
cd customers

Then create a file index.php with the following:


So when your customers access the address:

it will redirect them to the customer portal site. If you know how to do it, you can use .htaccess or other methods as well.

Customer login

You can set the brand string in the Settings->Customers tab in the GUI.

Customer settings

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