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Dual Port 10g Bypass RJ45

Two 10 Gigabit Ethernet Copper Ports, RJ45, with Hardware Failover/Bypass

The Silicom PE210G2BPI40 is built on Intel\'s x540 Gigabit technology designed to spread interrupts across multicore CPU systems. The hardware Failover/Bypass function allows systems incorporating the PE210G2BPI40 to eliminate single point of failure concerns by bypassing the system in the event of a power down or software lockup or failure. Additional features allow a system with the PE210G2BPI40 to be temporarily taken offline, allowing for safe upgrades or maintenance even from a remote location. A functional description of the bypass function can be found here


  • Intel's x540 controller
  • Can act as 2 port card or bypass card
  • Two integrated PHYs for 10 Gb/s full-duplex operation
  • Programmable Bypass - during power off or software

  • PCI-Express 8x Rev 2.1
  • Two RJ45 Connectors
  • Supports 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s and 10gb/s

Software Support

This card can be used as a plug in solution with ET/BWMGR appliances or as a standalone solution with a software bypass driver. If you will not be using the card with an ET/BWMGR appliance or CD appliance, you must specify in the comments field that you need the software as its not normally included. For FreeBSD 13.2, some modifications are needed in the ixgbe driver to make it work with our bypass driver.

  • PHP & CLI Driver for FreeBSD 13.2, Silicom Drivers for Linux
  • Cards are OEM encoded: Required for use with our FreeBSD Software


  • Low profile PCI form factor (Low Profile Brackets on request with order)
  • Length, 6.6 in
  • Height, 2.713 in
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