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R2400 cp

ET/R2400 MultiCore Appliance

The ET/R2400 is a full-featured bandwidth management appliance capable of managing high levels of traffic with substantial rulesets. This unit can control 1000s of users/systems using the most sophisticated bandwidth management technology. The base system includes a 10Mb/s license with a basic processor and can be upgraded to a quad-core super powerhouse capable of managing multiple gigabit networks.

Hardware Features

  • Small Footprint 1U Chassis
  • i3/E3 CPU
  • IPMI Remote Management and Reboot
  • Recommended up to 200Mb/s of Traffic
  • 4-16GB Ram
  • 2 Gigabit onboard Ethernet ports
  • Optional Dual or Quad Port Bypass
  • Standard SVGA and Keyboard Inputs


16\" X 14\" X 1.7 (1U) 25lbs (Dim Weight)


  • CE

  • UL

  • FCC Class A

  • ROHS Compliant

Software Features

  • Based on Freebsd O/S
  • Incremental Licensing from 10Mb/s to 1Gb/s
  • Complete HTML Graphical Management Interface
  • Backup Utility to USB Drive (bootable backup)
  • Transparent Bridging (like an ethernet switch)
  • Can Manage Bandwidth for 1000\'s of Hosts, Networks or Traffic Types
  • Control Bandwidth by MAC or IP address or Protocol
  • Special Filters for p2p, HTTP header and URLs
  • Integrated Graphical Analysis of Traffic
  • Traffic Priorization
  • Integrated Firewalling
  • Integrate Real Time Traffic Monitor
  • Full Featured Bandwidth Management Capabilities
  • Allow Customers/Users to View their Traffic Graphs
  • Statistics stored in RRD and mySQL DBs
  • See Complete Software Description

Warranty and Support

  • 6 months Parts Warranty
  • Installation Support (30 days included)
  • System/Software Support (paid Update and Support Subscription)

    • Recovery USB Drive Included with paid Support Subscription
    • Unlimited Web Ticket System

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