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Last Update: Sep 4th, 2023

ET/BWMGR V8 Upgrade Guide

If you've used previous versions of the ET/BWMGR, or you have an existing system, you will have to adjust. your rulesets to accommodate a new way of thinking about traffic management. Following are some of the notable changes you'll have to consider.

Notable Changes

- License files are moved to /etc/bwmgr
- License request files are now sent directly to ET and not stored on the system
- BWMGR utilities are moved to /usr/local/bin
- There is 1 ruleset; rules are no longer associated with interfaces
- Paths define how traffic moves through the system
- Bursting is now internalized
- Bandiwidth Limits can be defined as "soft" with various tuning capability
- Rules can now have more than 1 address
- Sections and Groups are now detached from the ruleset
- Alerts have been replaced with Messages where operators can post
- You can now select the number of CPUS to display (Sorted by Usage) to accommodate many core systems

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