Bandwidth Management Solutions

Emerging Technologies' multiprocessor technology outperforms most of the best technology available at any price. With 1000s of customers worldwide, our products are deployed largely in rigorous, unforgiving ISP environments, and have proven over time to be top notch performers. Our latest offerings take full advantage of modern CPUs by leveraging carefully selected hardware and an optimized version of the FreeBSD Operating System.

What's New

ET/BWMGR v6 now available!
ET/BWMGR v6 is a complete re-write of our GUI and is packed with new features that makes it easier for you to customize how you manage your network. v5.5 is a bridge release which adds many of the v6 features to the previous GUI which will make transition to v6 seamless. See A description of v6 features here.

Real Traffic Shaping

Most commercial traffic shapers just delay traffic, shifting delays from one type of traffic to another. This doesn't red uce the VOLUME of traffic on your network; it just reorganizes the congestion. Our technology paces traffic with Window Shaping which reduces the number of packets that are sent to your network; allowing you to service more users with the same bandwidth. You'll save big money every month; this is truly a product that pays for itself in a short period of time.


The ET/AutoMgr implements Automated Bandwidth Manangement and Firewalling. Block or manage by country, domain, or organization; Discover bandwidth hogs automatically; Implement multi-step long term tiering. Give your customers the best experience possible while maintaining control.

Automated Bandwidth Scaling

Tired of having techs endlessly changing settings to keep your network running smoothly? We've solved the problem with automated Bandwidth Scaling. The ET/BWMGR can modify all or some of your bandwidth settings based on the level of traffic on your network. So if your traffic is low, you can give everyone (or selected users) more bandwidth. It's a sensible way to utilize your bandwidth.

Fully Function Demo

Try the ET/BWMGR on your own hardware with our fully functional Demo.